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『継ぐ -tsugu-』



Don't forget the Great East Japan Earthquake Design "Succeeding -tsugu-"

Not only do we not forget about the Great East Japan Earthquake, but we also designed it so that we can feel the hope that we will not want to look away. A design that creates an atmosphere where you can face each other gently. And a design that can be handed down to future generations. . A name that can be inherited by facing the earthquake. I would like to put my thoughts on the beauty of the sound of Japanese and continue it permanently.



[Thoughts in the design]
The woman in the middle is a pregnant woman. The color of her hair represents the color of the sea and the color of the black tsunami. She changes the color of the normally beautiful blue sea, sometimes and sometimes. . And I imagined a miracle pine tree. She has a new life and stands with unwavering thoughts that will lead to the future. . ・ The girl on the left is close to Ipponmatsu and supports each other. I hope that Ipponmatsu will not fall. On her head is a yellow cake. She is a yellow cake. Another name for uranium. Uranium is the fuel for nuclear power plants. Uranium is the same fuel for the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Uranium (yellowcake) doesn't make sense just to be there. A message that casts a way of being. . ・ Tear-patterned clothes are printed with various colors of tears. There are various impressions of tears. There must be various stories in the tears of the day, such as tears of sadness and tears of joy. . ・ Girl's fist. . I'm holding her right hand firmly. She imagined a strong determination as to whether she would endure something, be patient, or show her intention to survive strongly. . ・ The boy on the right expresses the dark green that snuggles up to Ipponmatsu. Her pants are a strong green of weeds. And the rainbow-colored pattern drawn on the T-shirt is a world view that imagines a rainbow over the sky and a contrail of Blue Impulse. . ・ What you can see at the end of her left hand presented by the boy ... The boy is trying to grab something. But he couldn't grab it. Or I let go of his hand. Drops beyond that ... From the boy's facial expression, he expressed the powerlessness and sadness of a person who cannot resist the ferocious nature that he feels even when he is young.

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