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林家カレー子は、初代林家三平の弟子。夫、林家ライスと夫婦漫才・林家ライスカレー子として30年活躍。特に環境問題を題材とした環境漫才は全国で絶賛される。カレー子は環境カウンセラーを取得。2019年『環境大臣賞』受賞。防災士。 林家まる子は林家ライスカレー子の長女。1993年、初代林家三平の妻、海老名香葉子に師事し林家一門に入門。1994年NHK『現役くらぶ』でデビュー。依頼、テレビのリポーターとして活躍。寄席では漫談を展開。いばらき大使。日光観光大使。防災士。 2018年、林家ライス死去に伴い、日本初の母娘漫才林家まる子・カレー子を結成。同じく防災士の資格を持つまる子と共に防災漫才をライフワークとしている。2020年には、まる子の娘と『まるちゃん+こっちゃん』のユニットで『防災ソング 今すぐはじめよう』でCDデビュー。プロデュースはデフテックのmicro。

Maruko Hayashiya / Kareko

Hayashiya Sanpei is a disciple of the first Hayashiya Sanpei. She has been active for 30 years as her husband, Hayashiya Rice, and a married manzai, Hayashiya Rice Curry child. Her environmental manzai, especially on her environmental issues, is acclaimed nationwide. Curry child has acquired an environmental counselor. She won the "Minister of the Environment Award" in 2019. She is a disaster prevention person. Maruko Hayashiya is the eldest daughter of Maruko Hayashiya. In 1993, she studied under Kayoko Ebina, the wife of the first Hayashiya Sanpei, and entered the Hayashiya family. She made her debut in 1994 with NHK's "Active Club". She is active as a request and TV reporter. She develops her chat at the yose. She is an ambassador to Ibaraki. Nikko Tourism Ambassador. Disaster prevention officer. In 2018, with the death of her Hayashiya Rice, she formed Japan's first mother-daughter Manzai Maruko Hayashiya and Curryko. She has her disaster prevention manzai as her lifework with Maruko, who is also qualified as a disaster prevention officer. In 2020, she made her CD debut with Maruko's daughter and the unit of "Maru-chan + Ko-chan" with "Disaster Prevention Song Let's Start Now". Produced by Def Tech micro.

The costume designed for Ibaraki Ambassador Maruko Hayashiya is a costume that can convey the charm of Ibaraki. It is a costume full of charm of Ibaraki prefecture such as food / sightseeing spot / scenery / history.


Ibaraki's "special food"

Ibaraki's "Scenery / sightseeing spot"

Ibaraki's "waterfall"

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