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元大関 大相撲力士 



Koni-chan (Konishiki Yasokichi) Former Ozeki sumo wrestler

Konishiki is a former sumo wrestler born on December 31, 1963 on Oahu, Hawaii, USA. He was the first foreign wrestler to play an active role as Ozeki. He has won three times in Makuuchi. After his retirement, he has been active as a talent and artist, giving lectures, appearing in commercials, and performing Hawaiian live performances. He has appeared on the NHK children's program [Nihongo de Asobo] for 18 years (still appearing). He also released many albums as a Hawaiian singer. He is also active in volunteer activities, and after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, he has visited many times to prepare meals and perform live performances. He still holds charity concerts and events and continues to raise money for Tohoku. In January 2014, he appeared in the musical "Let's Sing a Song of Love".


Konishiki came to Japan in 1982 and is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. We are pleased to announce the progress of the design and production of costumes for the 40th anniversary.


第一過程 『採寸』
first process Measuring

Serious meeting









私がカレーが好きな事を知り、コニちゃんのお手製のカレーを用意してくれていて  本当に美味しかったです♪ありがとうコニちゃん。


Even if it is not an active sumo wrestler, the great Konishiki measurement was the most rewarding of all the people I have ever measured (^ ∇ ^) And when I was a child, I grew up watching Konishiki on TV, and when I was measuring Koni-chan, I was deeply moved. The tough legs that support the body have a history that cannot be expressed in words. Konishiki is a person who can talk from the same point of view, and everyone can interact with each other without feeling the wall. The environment in which Konishiki grew up, the values ​​he felt from an early age, his family love, and the fact that he left his home country at the age of 18 and took on the challenge in a foreign country, Ozeki, the first foreign wrestler after a fierce and difficult life. You can see why he is liked by a charming character who likes life songs that have produced great results. I found out that I like curry and prepared Konishiki's homemade curry, which was really delicious ♪ Thank you Konishiki.

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