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Vo.ゆーゆ・Gu. 力丸・Ba. コタ・Dr.ももぞうのティーンズロックバンド。

2018年3月結成のロックユニット。2018年8月1st EP「初出荷」リリース。
2020年8月カナダOtakuthon、9月タイバンコク日本博など海外フェスにリモートで参加。「Teen\'s Rock in HITACHINAKA」優秀賞受賞。

Vo. Yuyu, Gu. Rikimaru, Ba. Kota, Dr. Momozo's teens rock band. A rock unit formed in March 2018. August 2018 1st EP "First Shipment" released. He has been performing live activities mainly in Tokyo and won the band contest "L-1 Grand Prix 2019" sponsored by the Louise Group. Rikimaru joined as a guitarist in September 2019, and the second season started. Remotely participated in overseas festivals such as Otakuthon in Canada in August 2020 and Japan Expo in Bangkok, Thailand in September. Received the "Teen \'s Rock in HITACHINAKA" Excellence Award. In February 2021, he appeared as an opening act at China's largest SNS Weibo Account Festival, and performed while being watched by an audience of 2 million people. In November 2021, the first Tomei Osaka tour & Tokyo's first one-man, and with the release of the first full album, Bass Kota & Drum Momozo joined and the third season started with a band style of 4 people !!

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