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​チバフリ プロデュース

Chibafuri Produce

主催:千葉市  プロデュース:tenbo   会場:イオンモール幕張新都心




"Cibafuri" is a "barrier-free" initiative originating from "Chiba City" that supports cultural and artistic activities that people with and without disabilities carry out together. From the first time in 2017 to 2021, tenbo comprehensively produced everything. As part of Chiba City's cultural and artistic efforts toward the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, events such as fashion shows, dance performances, and art exhibitions that show people with disabilities and healthy people together will be held at the Tokyo 2020 Official Culture Olympiad. It has been held as.


Fashion show for special needs school / special needs class (models are open to the public)
As for the costumes, tenbo coordinated the styling of the costumes purchased at the shop in AEON MALL.


Sign Language Performance / Joint Project with Deaf Schools in Chiba Prefecture (Cooperation: Shukutoku University Sign Language Circle Dandelion) Tenbo styled and coordinated the costumes purchased at the shop in AEON MALL.

Kenta Kanbara, a wheelchair performer who is active around the world, and Takahiro Ikeda, a BMX performer, performed and the venue was lively.


Paralympic competition introduction by para athletes (costume: tenbo) Risa Ohama of Boccia and Kazumi Nakayama of women's wheelchair track and field (T53) appeared.